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  • Amrika Tamang

    Decided to live an Organic life

    Over a decade, using of chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers in a haphazard ways is being tremendous in Nepal. Many of farmers even don’t know its impact in soil, environment and human health. Besides that, there are some farmers who are doing great by implementing of organic farming techniques.

    Amrika Tamang, age 37is doing farming in 3 ropani on leased land at Suryavinayak, Municipality ward no. 4 Tarkhaghal since 2016. Before joining with R&D Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd, She was doing farming by using of chemical substances and she didn’t know about negative impact and way out from chemical based farming. She has 6 family members and all of their health values her. She has total 4 plastic houses, among those 4 she is doing organic vegetable farming in 2 and rest of 2 was cultivated by inorganic/chemical based farming practices. She was a bit confused about satisfactory production by organic way. But after the performance of organic crops she has been convinced on successful production of organic agricultural products. Now her husband is also very happy as well satisfied and he is helping her in farm. Both of them are laborious and dedicated. They are going to implement organic practices in rest of 2 poly-houses too. As an instructor her husband is earning additional 4000-6000 NRs per month by poly-house preparation. At the production starting of organic farming overall their monthly income ranges from 15,000-18,000 per month. Now they are known as organic kisan on their peripheries.
    Experienced organic farmers are experts – they know how to manage soils and soil fertility as well as beneficial insects and pests, produce crops, and manage a business. They are also systems thinkers – they know how to put it all together into cropping systems and farm enterprises. Amrika Tamang is one of them.
    When we reached her farms, she was preparing bio-decomposer. She told that, she spends her 4 hours at farm in a day. Once helicoverpa was seen in her farm, she controlled it within 3 days by using of Neem based pesticides as well by killing them at night by attracting moths by torch light. She added,” I didn’t know that, solution of diseases, pests and nutrition supplement is possible in an organic way. Now I am about to extend poly houses and plant many others vegetable in a way which R&D taught. Thank you R&D for your continuous technical support.

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